Episode 3

The One Asking The Question: "Should I Start This Business?"

Meet Kelly Challis

Kelly won a competition to get a free mini coaching session with Ebonie, she’s a mum, she’s been working in education as a teacher for 15 years and having recently left her full time job, she now has a new business idea, but hasn’t moved forward with it yet. She wanted to speak to Ebonie about her next steps. Kelly and Ebonie have never spoken before, but in this short session they dive in and discover what has really been holding Kelly back. Listen to discover what actions she must take to learn if her business idea will fly or not.

Fav quotes from this episode:

 “I recognise that I’ve put their needs before my own, and even though I want to win new business, there are certain things I shouldn’t compromise on.”

“The first hurdle here is not marketing, and it’s not branding, and its not telling the parents about it, and its not you tube videos. Its actually just these two things. ”

In this episode we talk about:

  • The biggest challenges that she has identified which are holding her back from moving forward with her business idea with confidence
  • The big truth about the thing that is actually holding her back
  • How assumptions about the mindset of her target market have been affecting her
  • Her confessions about what she’s already said yes to that she shouldn’t have. 
  • The surprising question that Kelly needs to ask her friends.
  • The challenging truth that I invited Kelly to address in her friendships.
  • The one step forward I think is more important than any of the rest of it.


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