Episode 108

The One About Breaking Out Of Diet Culture

This week, Ebonie chats with Harri Rose about 'breaking out of diet culture'.

Harri is a certified health coach and author specialising in unapologetic body acceptance. Through her one-to-one coaching, workshops, and writing, Harri teaches her clients how to love their bodies, find more self-compassion and discover what wellness means to them. Her new book ‘You are enough’ is out now. She is also co-creator at the Anti-Diet Riot Club and an emotional resilience trainer with Tough Cookie.

You can find Harri's website online at https://www.harrirose.com/

Fav quotes from this episode:

“I thought by now I would have all my shit together!’

“It’s a bit hard, isn’t it, this adulting stuff”

“A lot of the trauma that happens around food happens at home”

“We need to give ourselves permission to enjoy this festive tradition of feasting… it’s normal, it’s Christmas!”

“Food doesn’t have to be hard”

“There’s no perfect diet”

“You need a rebel attitude to bust out of diet culture and the unrealistic expectations of what we should be looking like!”

“I’m an adult but… time-keeping is hard! I’m perpetually late”

In this episode we talk about:

  • The impact that breakups and other major life transitions can have on your long term happiness and becoming a more authentic version of yourself
  • That major decisions don’t have to last a lifetime! Life is long and we are allowed to change.
  • Why there doesn’t seem to be a boundary with family members when it comes to making comments about body image, and why it’s worth making coping plans for the Christmas period when you’re likely to come into contact with people who make these comments.
  • How it’s people’s own projections of body confidence and beauty that causes them to make comments and assumptions about your relationship with food, diet and your body.
  • That the ‘thin ideal’ is just one standard of beauty, but that it controls so much of what we think and do.
  • How the process and journey to making peace with food isn’t easy, but it is possible.
  • “Fat” isn’t a feeling - if you are feeling “Fat”, it could be that you are feeling sad, you are feeling sluggish. It’s important to establish what the underlying feelings are.

Plus, we talk about how gentle movement STILL COUNTS when it comes to improving health and wellbeing, and that you don’t need to be “smashing it” in terms of exercise to see and feel the benefits.

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