Episode 6

The One About Breaking Up With Social Media

In this episode, you will hear all about what it takes to be truly be FREE OF YOUR MOBILE PHONE & SOCIAL MEDIA. How being free from the constant searching online for approval from others, will allow you to finally reconnect with yourself & live in the real world once more. 

Johan talks about setting boundaries, enabling you to break free from the constant social media cycle & addictions associated with it. He will help you understand what triggers you & how to manage your online presence with ease.

Listen on for:

  • Understanding your triggers.
  • How to become your biggest fan.
  • Learning about your phone & social media. 
  • Thinking about how your brains work when you are consumed by social media & the internet.
  • Taking time to really see what is real & what is fake.
  • How can you be real in a world of pretend? 
  • Introducing boundaries & instilling them into everyday life.

About Johan

A few years ago, I struggled enormously with phone and social media addiction, and I knew I had to find a way to unhook myself from screens. But I didn't want to completely abstain from tech and screens; they are part of our lives, and they are here to stay.

Nevertheless, I learned how to use screens mindfully, the more I became aware of the detrimental effects screens can have on us.

These days I help individuals and families to recover from phone and social media addiction with my 6-step formula.

The focus is not just on helping people with stopping "liking and posting" their lives away, but on helping them to become a better version of themselves as well.

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