Episode 7

The One About Community and Confidence

In this episode, you will hear all about SPORT, COMMUNITY & CONFIDENCE.  Get a fresh outlook on how being part of a community can be a great pillar of strength during tough times and teach us lasting skills for everyday life.

Sensi Graves talks about looking at ourselves and finally starting to like ourselves. We discuss how we can learn to not allow our minds to be over populated with unrealistic expectations of how we think life should be, instead, following our own path and journey to see where it leads. Finally, we can have the confidence in ourselves to make the choices that are right for us. 

Listen on for:

  • How being part of a community can make you feel good and what does community mean for you?
  • Does participating in sports really build your confidence and help you deal with everyday struggles and mental health?
  • What fears hold us back and how can we overcome them?
  • Is there too much expected of us as we move into adulthood?
  • Learning to be body confident and understanding that we all go through the same self doubt, no matter what size or shape we are. 
  • Why do some of us struggle when it comes to asking for help?
  • Weight debates, how does it effect us and how do we view ourselves compared to others. 
  • Learning to love the process and failures as much as the achievements.

About Sensi

Sensi Graves is a professional kiteboarder and founder of Sensi Graves Swim, a sustainable swimwear line that's made to move.

In 2012, Sensi launched her eponymous swimwear label to meet the demands of her sport (after losing one too many string bikinis in the surf, she decided to tackle the job herself and design suits that actually stay on in rough conditions).

She also produces and leads empowering women's kiteboarding retreats and travels around the world as a motivational speaker.

Today, Sensi focuses on expanding her sustainable swimwear brand and developing content the empowers, uplifts, and inspires.

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