Episode 19

The One About Looking Back

Hope you’re ready for a feature-length treat! Today’s episode is a feature-length special featuring some of the best quotes and moments across all 18 episodes of Adulting with Ebonie Season 3.

It’s been an amazing season chock full of ‘Ah Hahs’, raw moments and absolutely fantastic guests. What have been your most memorable moments from this season? Let us know on the socials!

Listen on for:

  • Waking Up with Ebonie Allard [Starts at 02:30]
  • Fathering with Alain Allard [Starts at 04:14]
  • Being Unbound with Nicola Humber [Starts at 06:23]
  • Empathic Misfits with Lola Pickett [Starts at 09:24]
  • Unboxing Your Brilliance with Jo Gifford [Starts at 12:50]
  • Breaking Up With Social Media with Johan Versteegh [Starts at 16:36]
  • Community and Confidence with Sensi Graves [Starts at 20:00]
  • Wildmen & Wildwomen with Craig Barlow [Starts at 24:00]
  • Not Getting Stuck in the Shadow with Harriette Jackson [Starts at 26:22]
  • Mothering the F**k Up with Sophie (I Feel Wild) [Starts at 28:24]
  • Being Self Sourced with Gail Love-schock [Starts at 30:48]
  • The Complexity of Duality with Anthony Eldridge [Starts at 32:49]
  • Mbraining and Celebrating Difference with Reb Veale [Starts at 34:41]
  • Creating Opportunity for Yourself with Carla Viegas [Starts at 36:14]
  • Living A Life That Matters with Jason Allan Scott [Starts at 38:26]
  • Finding Freedom Through Choice with Gail Bainbridge [Starts at 39:42]
  • Using Mysticism To Get Your S**t Together with Luna Veronica [Starts at 41:14]
  • Trusting What You Feel with Nicholle Caldwell [Starts at 43:30]

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Additional goodies:

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