Episode 13

The One About mBraining and Celebrating Difference

In this episode you will hear about INTERNAL CONFLICT, and how NLP, Mindfulness & the new advances in Neuroscience can help us all achieve sustained Health & Wellbeing. 

Reb explains how the integrated & innovative NLP and mBIT programmes explore the compassionate, creative & courageous aspects of ‘being’ – enabling us to enjoy life to the full & also enable others to do the same.

Listen on for:

  • What the amazing mBIT & NLP programmes offer. 
  • Understanding the conflict between our thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • The awareness of our differences as human beings, and celebrating these differences. 
  • Acceptance and understanding.
  • Paying attention to our shadows.
  • Positive thinking, and how this has a big impact on our daily life choices.
  • Discovery, and fully realising our true potential.
  • Recognising our emotional needs, and what we are giving away, may in fact be what we need.

About Reb

Reb is a master coach and coach supervisor, an NLP Master Trainer, and mBIT Trainer, with a background in occupational psychology and trained in psychotherapy.

More than all of those roles, Reb is a lover of life, a hugger, a Yiayia (Greek for Grandma), a cook, someone who has always been passionate about taking an appreciative approach to difference. From studying anthropology and politics, to working in HR & learning and development; she has always somehow felt that, if we could choose to perceive what there is to be learned from difference; we could generate more choices for ourselves and happiness in the world. Reb is also a bit nerdy about language

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Additional goodies:

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