Episode 16

The One About Podcasting as Therapy

Sharing stories, and listening at a higher level will unlock your world!

In this episode, we’re diving into how podcasting can feel like therapy, and how learning to truly listen to others can unlock a whole new world for you.

Listen on for:

  • Podcasting is a way to record and share a legacy and a story that lasts
  • That learning to truly listen can unlock a new world
  • Listening and interviewing without ego 
  • How podcasting is a dance in creating containers and allowing space for sinking into the flow of creation
  • That so much about life is trial and error and learning to surrender
  • How coming from service and without agenda leads to deeper service
  • Understanding that society tries to box us in and tell us we are something we’re not
  • The impact bullying has on us, especially around identity
  • Using therapy as a real tool for personal understanding
  • How you should definitely launch a podcast as a tool for therapy 

Meet Luca Olias:

Luca is the host of the podcast 'Guards of Eden' which is based around sharing the journey's of people who are using their platform and careers to promote positive change in the world.

He's sat down with guests from many different walks of life which range from people such as 'The Body Coach' Joe Wicks all the way through to a reformed former inmate at Feltham's Young Offender in Michael Maisey with the sole purpose of celebrating good-hearted people by providing a place for their story to live.

Links & resources mentioned in this episode:

Additional goodies:

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