Episode 2

The One About Self Determination

Meet Heather Thorkelson

Heather Thorkelson is a Canadian dual entrepreneur living in rural Sweden. She grew up living all over the world and in her early 30's, finally took the leap to self-employment and never looked back. In 2013 she was living in Peru working as an online business consultant when she went to Antarctica, fell in love, and by 2015 she had opened a second business - a polar expedition company. She has just finished writing a book for incurable entrepreneurs, titled No Plan B, which will be released in Spring 2020.

In this episode, we’re looking at the topic of personal responsibility and how, especially as entrepreneurs, we should be responsible for our experience, for our output and also for our errors (that’s a big one!).

It’s a lot “easier” to pass the buck, blame others and avoid admitting our screw ups but that is not adulting. Adulting means practicing compassion for yourself, but also taking full responsibility for how you show up in the world.

Listen on for:

  • Thoughts on running multiple businesses at the same time - it doesn’t have to be difficult!
  • The importance of owning the expertise you have - even if you feel you’re lacking in other areas.
  • What to do when you start feeling like there’s too much on your shoulders - overwhelm happens!
  • How to feel grateful for relationships in your life that might be difficult or unconventional.
  • The distinction between fear of the unknown and fear of something that’s actually dangerous.

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