Episode 14

The One About The Importance Of Connection

You’re not going to know if it works until you try it!

We are all trying to run a business that’s never been done before, in a world that’s constantly changing, yet trying to find a finite solution to make us successful.

In this episode, we’re diving into the importance of CONNECTION and how by focusing on yourself (and the 100 people who need you most) you can create a business of truth and purpose.

Listen on for:

  • The key to mustering motivation on a daily basis
  • The 2 questions that will give you the answers to connection, business and life
  • The impact of distraction
  • Our thoughts on doing what you want to do, being who you want to be, and living our art
  • The danger of implementing tactics, positioning and messaging that isn’t true to you
  • Why blaming yourself for a lack of results is a pointless process
  • The importance of loving the fuck out of your people
  • How awareness and understanding of ourselves is the ultimate currency
  • How to deliver the true you to the world
  • How to become a masterful storyteller (rather than a boring one)

Meet Matt Thomas:

Matt works with business owners to rock their brand, audience and income.

His mission is to help more people build businesses around who they really are and the work they truly love.

At the heart of this is a belief that connection conquers all: feeling connected to the brand you build; the audience you attract and the work you deliver. Connection = clarity, confidence and conversion. 

An award-winning business journalist, Matt 'caught the bug' and has since set up and co-founded numerous businesses including his own content marketing agency, business support service Smarta.com and The Freedom Collective coaching business with Shaa Wasmund MBE and Beardpoo, a beard shampoo brand that gives 25% of its profits to help fight male suicide.

Matt's a published author, has led creative projects for global brands and advised government on enterprise. In 2020 he'll be launching the 'YOUYOUYOU!' community for ambitious solopreneurs doing 'their' thing.

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