Episode 19

The One About The Power of Pleasure

You do know what you want, you just haven't taken the time to actually sit and create an intimate relationship with your inner world.

In this episode we dive deep into discovering our joy and pleasure, how you can live a deliciously adult life and how you can really learn to love yourself.

Listen on for:

  • Life being about Responsibility that gets to come with joy and pleasure
  • How we can use the law of attraction
  • How the Groove came about?
  • Embodying the principles of being a delicious adult.
  • Disappointment in relationships.
  • Activating your sexual energy. 
  • Learning to love yourself in order to love others
  • Finding the way back to connecting to your desires. 
  • The power of dance and movement
  • What happens when you really listen to what you really want 
  • Asking yourself questions to learn where you really want to be.

Meet Misty Tripoli:

Misty is the Founder of The World Groove Movement, Creator of The Groove Method, Body Groove and an International Presenter, Body Image truth talker, Lover of LOVE and warrior for TRUTH!

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Additional goodies:

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