Episode 100

The One About The Reality Of MORE

The One About The Reality of MORE...

In this special 100th episode of ‘Adulting With Ebonie’, I’m chatting with Jo Westwood (Coach and creator of ‘Lovingly Fierce’ - a programme to help break the cycle of codependency) and five members of this year’s MORE group (Lizzy Fone of Tax Angel Accounting, Money Mentor Gail Bainbridge, Community Organiser and Social Activist Emily King, Quiet Confidence founder Tessa Brooks, and Gerlinde Halmer of https://www.sparklewithlindy.com/) about the reality of MORE.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What #adulting looked (and felt) like before, and after, MORE for my 2019 mastermind members
  • How as children, we assume that trusted adults have all the answers, but that it is okay that they don’t. Plus, we talk about how this awareness can be incorporated into positive parenting.
  • The importance of trust when it comes to adulting.
  • How MORE has had an impact on the business lives of mastermind members this year.
  • Why not everyone has a vision for the future, and that that is okay!
  • The importance of taking a step back and leaving your business ‘washing up’ occasionally without feeling bad about it!
  • How MORE works - you can find out more about the programme here

Fav quotes from this episode:

“Before MORE, #Adulting meant focusing on the boring shit in life, to the exclusion of all the fun stuff.”

“If you haven’t got a group of people who have got your back, it’s easy to fall into old patterns’

“Now, most of the time, I am an actual adult!”

“Before MORE, I got caught up in victim mode - a lot!”

“It’s so much more fun to be your own knight in shining armour!”

“Adulting is making a conscious choice to do whatever I want, and to forgive and embrace my inner child.”

“A big piece of adulting is letting everyone else be adults and deal with their own emotions and feelings”

“Adulting is being patiently impatient”

“It’s okay to let go of control - shit is going to happen anyway!”

Plus, if you listen to the end you’ll hear a whole host of ‘I’m an adult but...’ confessions from both my podcast guests AND live studio audience!

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