Episode 17

The One About Using Mysticsm to Get Your Sh*t Together

In this episode you will hear all about what it takes to RECLAIM YOUR CONFIDENCE and live your full potential. It is Luna's divine mission and life purpose to assist us in uncovering the secrets and mystery of our lives here on earth.

Luna explains how she investigates your souls higher guidance through astrology, tarot, dream work and intuition to help you actively fulfil the life you're meant for.

Listen on for:

  • The language of Astrology.
  • How Astrology can guide you on your journey in life.
  • Being repressed by those around you. 
  • Feeling confused about who you are.
  • Following the path that you were destined for. 
  • Identifying old wounds, current strengths and blockages.
  • Living an alternative life.
  • How to live a mystical lifestyle and learn witchcraft practices.

About Luna

Luna is a witchy women's empowerment coach for those who are curious about the unseen, the taboo and their own greatest potential.

She uses astrology, tarot, ritual and shadow work to help those on the mystical path a space to create a greater remembrance of themselves and their purpose here on earth.

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Additional goodies:

  • The Chamber - THE CHAMBER is the secret to unlocking a life where you get to make more money, have more sex, and live forever (well, leave a lasting legacy that lives forever.)
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I'm Ebonie Allard -Founder of Misfit for Life and Head Coach. I'm a Certified & award winning Master Coach. I am the creator of the 'Misfit to Maven Way' and the 'Value Filterâ„¢' system.

I'm a Misfit turned Maven. An Adventurer of life. An Author. An Artist. A Priestess. A Sister. A Friend...

As a teacher, healer and master coach I am passionate about facilitating you in self-actualisation.

I specialise in creating the conditions in which you trust yourself and listen to the inherent wisdom you have within.

I help creative heart-led misfits like you to simplify their lives, and eliminate guilt, shame and fear; allowing you to live your greatest potential and be bolder, freer and happier now!

I know that you crave work that's fulfilling, connected intimate relationships, and time to explore, indulge and express your creativity and authentic expression.

It is my mission to help you live a fully rounded three dimensional, successful and self-governed life.

At my core, I believe that it is your responsibility to shine, to bring your gifts to the world, and to encourage others to do the same.