Episode 1

The One About WAKING UP

Consciousness, being AWAKE, isn’t ‘love & light’ and it certainly isn’t ‘we are all one’ - yet. 

Being AWAKE means advocating for those that you can assist in affecting change. It means recognising that none of us are free or thriving until ALL OF US ARE.

Listen on for:

  • An introduction to Misfit for Life TV
  • What does WAKING UP truly mean
  • What our job is as spiritual beings
  • How we need to feel in order to heal
  • What being Maven means
  • How being AWAKE means advocating
  • The importance of doing the personal development work in order to create change!
  • Overriding the "I can't" voices in your head so that YOU CAN!

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Additional goodies:

  • Misfit to Maven 365: One Year, No Fear! - Check out the only place to get 1:1 coaching with me PLUS be cheer-led and challenged by me and my team… so that you can show up, belong, make money, and get the freedom you desire.
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