Episode 8

The One About Wildmen & Wildwomen

In this episode, you will hear all about what it takes to be a true WILD HUMAN. Nothing to hide, nothing to prove. It’s ok to be wild and honest with ourselves about ourselves, be courageous, and be rid of all the shame and guilt that holds us back. 

Finding ways to be in tune with and understanding both our masculine and feminine energies, will allow us to build solid foundations for relationships, and experience more depth and better communication with those around us.

Listen on for:

  • What is the difference between masculine and feminine energies?
  • Have our childhood issues affected our adulthood and how can we work on this?
  • Learning to deal with shame and the effect it can have on our life. 
  • Can we be more open with each other and what benefit will this have on our relationships?
  • Understanding our personal processes and the changes that we go through to get to who we are today. 
  • Does the fact that we are not truly connected with ourselves affect our sex life? 
  • What are our primal feelings and how do we connect with these? 
  • How do we say goodbye to the old version of us and accept the new without feeling like we are missing out?

About Craig

Ex sailor turned men’s coach and Wildman wildwoman retreat leader.

Enjoys sarcasm, swearing, inappropriate behavior.

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